New Age Fraud or Not?

New Age Fraud or Not?

Attention Tribal Members!

CNO hostile toward our Federal Recognition process.  Here is a QUOTE from : Cherokee Nation District 5 Councilwoman Cara Cowan Watts who is staunchly against Federal or States recognizing Cherokee Tribes. “These fake Cherokee groups are dangerous and a direct affront to our Tribal Elders and culture keepers,” she said.   “All Cherokees should call, write and email Kentucky representatives to stop these bills. Recognizing fake Cherokee groups in any way diminishes our Tribal sovereignty. Please pick up your phone and call Kentucky, today!”............... Did not the CNO sign a Treaty with the Federal Gov promising NOT TO INTERFERE WITH ANOTHER TRIBES SOVEREIGNTY?  Review this CNO members Video and come to your own conclusions as to why the upper levels of CNO leadership do NOT WANT anymore members.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


TRIBAL LAND HAS BEEN PURCHASED.  Join with us and become a "Founding Member" by contributing time-labor- and especially $$ donations for our "Rebirth Building Program."  MANY THANKS to those who have already Pledged a monthly contribution for the duration of the $40,000.00 mortgage,  for more information contact: webmaster
Fall Gathering
Fall Gathering will be Oct 3-4-5, 2014, at the Roy & Gail Nix Farm, 5211 Moss Rd.,  Boonville, Ind. As a note of interest:  A FULL MOON with a BLOOD RED Eclipse will occur  October 8th, Wednesday 2:43am to 5:43am .

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