Work Day @ Tribal

Monday, Nov 23-2015: 4617 Crane Creek Rd, Manchester, KY Neighbours and a contractor assisted Tribal Volunteers in getting the Tribal Land ready for the Spring Gathering 2016. SEE PICTURES OF WORK DAY NOV 23-2015
New Age Fraud or Not?

New Age Fraud or Not?


EVEN IF RECENTLY ENROLLED by Previous Registrar, All Tribal Members that wish to be placed on the "TRIBAL VOTERS REGISTRATION" must provide updated information to the Tribal Registrar: Roger Brock. ( or mail to : Tribal Registrar, Roger Brock, 2576 Lowe Dr., Talbott, Tn  37877 Provide: First and Last Name, Roll Number, Current address, Current email, Current Telephone Number, Clan Affiliation, Month and Year when enrolled.  


MANY WADO'S to non-Tribal members who have donated their time and resources toward needed remodeling  of Tribal Land. MANY WADO'S to Tribal members that continue in their faith and resources for the future of Tribal Land  and their support of the National Council/Leadership.
Spring Gathering Announcement
Spring Gathering to be announced for 2016